Susan Feller is available to conduct workshops at the studio for 2-8 people or at your location size negotiable. Contact her for fee structure and references.   The following are course descriptions for sessions.


All the Seasons


Manipulating Fibers for Dimensional Effects

3 day Workshop   Jump out of your box and learn to work in 3-D.
Explore seeing in other ways using:

  • Exercises in composition
  • Techniques in manipulating fabric
  • Variety of materials
  • Learn mounting and presentation (framing)

Workshop participants will be given a common topic to create a small (no larger than 10” square) design as the first experiment.  They should bring tools and materials they are familiar with: felting needles, quilting tools, beading, punch needles- miniature to large, proddy tools, traditional hooks, cutter, other……

And thier hooking frame with gripper strips

Class plan:

  •  exercises in composition.
  •  finalize individual designs
  •  explore new techniques with various tools
  •  examples by instructor solved design problems,

Consider ways to create depth/dimension to own design

  •  Demonstrating finishing (stretching/lacing) and presentation (framing)
  •  critique/ resolve questions.

By the end of the workshop participants can expect to be near completion of their first project.  Many consider these samplers for larger works.  The variety of new techniques broaden the horizons of design and energize the artist within.


Barbara’s Garden

Design a Rug –with a PA German Fraktur Look

Susan Feller leads a group through the history of Frakturs, illuminated documents, in eastern and western Pennsylvania, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Ontario, Canada.  Introducing the artists by names and/or symbols, analyzing the design elements, and explaining the original colors, the materials used and how they have changed with age, Feller assists each student in designing a unique hooked rug pattern, documenting an event, memorializing a person, or complimenting their modern decor. 

Participants’ skills: Coordinator identifies choice of course. The designing workshop is a great skill to learn for anyone.

Length of workshop:  can be customized to your group’s interests

One-Two hours at guild meetings. Lecture and hooked rugs for display and question period. No limit to class size.

* One Day workshop.  Approximately 7 hours, with lunch break.  Describe as work and learn. Intro to history and begin to design right away. Using the templates, sample borders and library of designs, each student will create a paper pattern sized 18” x 24”, or 24” x 36”. Trunk show of wools and patterns Fee: $400/day plus travel and lodging.   Must have space of at least 24 x 36 for each student

*   Extended workshop: Multiple days allow students and instructor to delve into the background and design/color planning for each pattern. Describe the course as “work and learn”, come ready to design, color plan and begin your rug.  Class size: 8-15.Must have space of at least 24 x 36 for each student  Same description as one day.  .

Course Outline: History of Fraktur artists, mid-1700’s through early 1800’s in southeastern and, western Pennsylvania; Shenandoah Valley of Virginia; and Ontario, Canada using biographies, and visual aids.  Bibliography for further research/visit to museum collections.

Principles of design in the frakturs explained, empower participants to create own patterns using templates, sample borders 24” x 36” and traditional tools-pencil, compass, ruler and wools.

Traditional palette of watercolors used by artists is translated into dye formulas from recommended source books and unique recipes developed by Feller.  Full list of colors available.

Optional purchase of DESIGN IN A BOX-Frakturs

Winter in neutrals

Colorful Explorations- Design Basics for Rug Hookers

The format for this workshop is to address each lesson within a 5 inch square hooked mat. Using the Year Study project Susan developed participants will be challenged to create instant designs, develop them with materials, techniques and learning composition tools.


  • Composition
  • Value
  • Texture, Detail
  • Color

Text used for many of the exercises  Design Basics for Rug Hookers, Susan L. Feller, Stackpole Books. Signed copies available $24.95